9:00 AM
10:00 AM

We gather for a time of learning over coffee and bagels (commonly called Sunday School) at 9:00 AM. Classes are available for all ages, and a variety of adult classes that deal with both practical and theological issues are available each week. Our worship service 10:00 AM



We are located on Wisconsin Ave, right off of Locust Street behind McDonalds, Milagros Coffee, and Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant, and

can be seen from University Ave. Parking is available in either of our two parking lots or in overflow spaces across the street.


What should I wear?

People come from all cultures and walks of life to worship at UPC. On any given Sunday you will find suits and ties, jeans and t-shirts, and everything in between. We believe what you wear is less important than how you come – ready to learn, to grow, to ask questions, and ultimately to worship and commune with God.


What is a service like?

We hope our services reflect the reverence and the celebration, the gravity and the joy, of entering into the presence of a holy God who nonetheless loves us dearly because of Jesus. Many of the actions in our service – being called to worship, confessing our sin, the start of the sermon, and communion – are punctuated and explained through Scripture, God speaking to us. We respond through our music, which is varied, a combination of hymns and songs in both old and new arrangements, the giving of offerings, prayer, and responsive readings. Each service features a sermon preached from a specific passage in the Bible, and we take Communion, the Lord’s Supper, weekly. Each service lasts about 90 minutes.
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What should I bring?

Just you! Seriously – bring yourself, as you are, with your beliefs, doubts, hopes, questions, and fears. Don’t feel you need to ‘clean yourself up’ to come to church. If you have a Bible, bring it. We use the English Standard Version (ESV) in our preaching, but you can follow along in whatever translation you prefer. And the offering is not a tip jar; you don’t have to pay to come worship. Our members honor God through their faithful giving. We simply want you to feel welcome and to help you connect to God with us – no strings attached.


What about my kids?

We believe we all learn and worship best both in the company of our peers and in the beauty and diversity of the larger church body. Therefore, during our Sunday School hour (9:00 AM – 9:45 AM) we have classes for children and teenagers ages 2-18. We encourage families to worship together during our regular service. We offer kid’s bags located at both entrances to the sanctuary foyer to help little ones focus on God through a Bible storybook and coloring page. Additionally, our infant and toddler nurseries are always open and excited to love on your children in a safe and caring environment, right in the sanctuary foyer. In fact, many of our parents opt for both options – their young children and infants worship with them for the first half of the service, and then are cared for in the nursery during the sermon and communion.
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Is there someone to pray with me/help me/answer some questions for me?

Of course! If you have a quick question, grab one of our pastors after the service – in fact, grab us anyway, as we’d love to meet you and thank you for coming. We’d also love to gather some of the officers of our church and pray for you, if you’d like. If you have questions or needs that might take more time, don’t hesitate to voice them; we’ll set up a time to meet and talk, or put you in contact with others in our church who can help. You can also do this through contacting our church office during the week!