Interested in learning more about Christ? Want to meet others at the church? These ministries focus on helping people connect with Jesus and his people at various times and contexts.

Every Sunday morning, before worship, we gather together to learn more about our faith, Scripture, and how to apply it to our lives amidst the multitude of complex situations we face every week. Classes start at 9:00 AM, and are on a 6-week rotation, so you can always jump in mid-semester. Each cycle we offer 2-3 classes focusing on subjects ranging from a book of the Bible and Reformed doctrine to practical issues like parenting, vocation, and depression.

Please contact Patrick Tebbano for more information.

While we often enjoy fellowship and worship with the entire body of Christ, sometimes it helps to sit down with a group of people who are where you are, who’ve been where you’ve been, and who can learn with you and support you in your specific place in life. For women at UPC, the Women’s Ministry is where that happens. Our Women’s Ministry holds Bible studies at various times throughout the week where you can meet friends and learn how to apply Scripture to your life. We also sponsor conferences for women of all ages, have women-only fellowship events like painting classes and craft to-dos, and sometimes even get together just to encourage one another and laugh together in the midst of our chaotic lives.

Please contact Robin Curry for more information.

Proverbs 27:17 tells us that ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.’ While our culture gives us a multitude of things to work on to be considered ‘manly’, we believe that meeting together to mutually encourage one another and learn from Scripture how to live our lives is one of the most manly things we can do. Come learn from and with men of all ages and walks of life as we pursue our Savior together.

Please contact Patrick Tebbano for more information.

A number of families at UPC gather informally a few times a month for food and fellowship while encouraging one another’s faith through prayer and/or Bible study. Most groups have childcare, and some go on fun and exciting trips throughout the year. Perhaps you want to meet others in your stage of life, or want to interact more with those completely different from you – UPC’s home groups meet you where you are and invite you in to a story God has been telling here at UPC for over 50 years.

Please contact Patrick Tebbano for more information.

We are University Presbyterian Church, after all! Having been established in part in 1959 to reach New Mexico State University, we continue to love college students today by being one of the home churches for Reformed University Fellowship, the university ministry of the PCA, and also is the home church for a number of the leaders of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ).

If you are a college student, we also want to encourage you through simply caring for you during an exciting but difficult time. Almost every Sunday we offer college lunches, where 30-40 college students come to the home of one of our members for great free food and fellowship. Additionally, we have an ‘adoption’ program where college students are paired with local families for home-cooked meals and relationships. While college is a great time to be surrounded by your friends, you need the community of the whole church, and we want to join with you, because we need your community too!

Please contact Patrick Tebbano for more information.


While we love families worshipping together on Sunday mornings, there is also great value in kids learning alongside their peers. Consider participating in our various children’s and youth ministries and encourage your kids as they grow in Christ.

While our adults gather on Sunday mornings to learn more about their faith, our children and teens do the same. Children ages 2-11 come together to sing songs and learn key ideas about their faith, before splitting up into grade-specific classes to learn how to apply it to their lives. Our youth grades 6-12 split into Middle School and High School classes, and are taught a wonderful variety of truths that impact them where they are in life on 6-week rotations.

Please contact Susan Pickett (children) for more information.

Who says learning about the Bible is boring? Every Wednesday night kids in kindergarten to 5th grade gather together for a whirlwind of fun learning about Jesus. Using games, hands-on lessons, skits, songs, and engaging teachers, KFC teaches kids truth wrapped in laughter. Want to know how making pretzels or tie-dye T-shirts or stained-glass windows help us learn about God? Come to KFC!

Please contact Derek and Bonnie Whitelock for more information.

It’s a complex world out there. Teens need answers to hard questions and support as they become who God has made them to be. Through fun fellowship events, teen ministry projects, summer camps and retreats, and weekly worship, we want to provide a safe space to learn about Jesus and connect the real truths of Scripture with the real world. Come join our family as we gather each week on Wednesdays and connect with God and each other.

Please contact Patrick Tebbano for more information.


Jesus calls us to learn about him, but also to let that spur us on to serve others and show them the love that Christ has loved us with. Many UPC ministries serve both our church body and the various communities around us.

Throughout Scripture, the activity of the people of God is described in incredibly intimate terms like the family of God, the household of faith, and the body of Christ. The Fellowship ministry at UPC exists to support that reality. From providing coffee and bagels on Sunday mornings to planning church-wide lunches to gifting meals to needy families in our midst, the Fellowship ministry creates spaces for life-on-life ministry, the ministries of relationship, of prayer, of laughter, to occur. You can help in this important area through simply volunteering to set up coffee one Sunday, or through helping plan and run many of our most important events at UPC – all time commitments are welcome!

Please contact Linda Herbert for more information.

As we gather together on Sunday mornings, we are served by a wonderful and diverse group of people who lead us with voices and instruments, as the Lord has called us to praise him (Psalm 150). If you sing or play an instrument, and would like to join this group of lead worshippers, don’t be shy – come worship with us!

Contact James Lines for more information.

Village at Northrise Bible Study

We share in hearing the gospel and fellowshipping with one another not only at church, but in our homes and communities. For many in Las Cruces, home and community is found at the Village at Northrise Senior Care community. UPC holds a weekly Bible study on Sundays here to share in Christian fellowship and worship with residents here.

Please contact David Moon for more information.

Christ points to the love his followers have for the prisoner as one of the key indications of a relationship with Him. UPC’s Prison Ministries exist to serve these individuals and their families, to convey to them the love of Christ and let them know that they are not forgotten by Him. This diverse group engages in a number of ministry opportunities at local and state-wide facilities, including:

KAIROS International – an international Christian ministry that serves inmates and their families year-round including the sponsorship of weekend retreats for incarcerated men where they are loved and hear the gospel of Jesus.

Crossings Prison Ministries – Providing faith-based lifestyle programs in New Mexico prisons,  with the purpose of discipleship and helping the incarcerated reintegrate into their families and communities upon release.

Please contact Tom Zornes for more information.

Christ calls his people not only to think about themselves, but to care for others and share the good news about Jesus with the ends of the earth. UPC partners with our denomination’s international missions agency, Mission to the World, and sponsors missionaries around the globe:

Dan and Becky Young

Paul and Liz Meiners

Kris and Paula Lungaard

Additionally, UPC sends teams all over the world to places as diverse as Eastern Europe, Africa, and Central America, to join Christians there in what God is doing around the globe.

Please contact Ed Hughs for more information.

Evangelism Explosion Training Clinic

Evangelism Explosion at University Presbyterian Church

When you consider that roughly 150,000 people worldwide die each day, there is a urgency to tell the world the good news that death has been defeated by Jesus!

University Presbyterian Church (UPC) has been using the Evangelism Explosion (EE) method of sharing the gospel since 1983.  For almost 35 years, UPC has trained hundreds of its church members to share the gospel, whether in a person’s everyday life, or actually going out ‘on-the-job’ and talking with strangers.

University Presbyterian Church is located next to New Mexico State University (NMSU).  There are many international students who are curious about Christianity.  Many nights after on-the-job training, we thank God  that he put the world right at our doorstep to evangelize!

Evangelism Explosion International has many different courses to help believers learn how to share their faith effectively and with confidence.  UPC has used the course called “Classic Evangelism Explosion” (Classic EE) which is a 13-week course.  Trainees begin by learning the gospel outline.  In teams of three, they watch and pray as the trainer shares the gospel with strangers.  Each week, trainees memorize scripture and illustrations used to augment the gospel outline.  Over the course of 13 weeks, trainees gradually become competent in sharing the entire gospel with ease. “It’s caught, not taught.”

During the April 9-13, 2018 Leadership Training Clinic at UPC, everything that trainees normally learn in 13 weeks of Classic EE, is condensed into five days!  Not only that, but the trainees will become equipped to start the Classic EE program back at their home church.  All materials to get Classic EE started will be provided.  This is a great opportunity for churches that want to develop evangelism skills in their congregation, and to spread the good news to their own communities.

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Jesus said, “As you did to one of the least of these my brothers, you did to me.” Ultimately, all our words about the love of Christ are meaningless without loving action for those around us. The MJC ministry at UPC exists to connect the meeting of real needs locally with sharing the truth about Jesus in Las Cruces. Every year MJC helps leverage UPC’s resources – time, money, and people – to loving others in our community. Past years have seen us paint local houses, sponsor and deliver Christmas presents to the families of those in prison, be a supporting partner at the 2013 Convoy of Hope, donate coats and school supplies to children in the community, and financially support local ministries in Las Cruces.